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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Psychic Reads Clients' Lives, Heals Patients

By: Shadi Jafari

Light brown curtains with unique floral designs are drawn closed against a window overlooking nearby apartment complexes. The room is dimly lit and decorated with shelves of dream catchers, candles, crystals, stones, and minerals of distinctive shapes and sizes. On a colorless table near the window stands a clear tall vase holding long, beautiful brown peacock feathers. Jars of seashells and feathers from ravens and crows dominate the windowsill, which make them look even more haunting in the gloomy light. Healing rocks, such as salt rocks, can also be found everywhere in the mediation room, as it is believed to detoxify the body and negative energy. In the middle of the shadowy room stands a massage table covered in a white quilt with black 1000-leaf lotus symbols on it, which represents one’s awareness in the seventh chakra. Upon stepping inside the dark meditation room, I can hear the light melodic music playing in the background. As I get ready to go on the massage bed, Patience Klein stops me and spray’s me with an Aura Mist spray which is believed to eliminate and create a balanced atmosphere around me and my aura. It is also believed to protect me from any bad spirits. After she sprays me all over my body, I slowly advance onto the massage table. I am directed to lie on my back, with both hands to my side. Richard Hamilton (Patience’s fellow colleague) begins the Keelation, which is a standard energy technique believed to cleanse one’s energy and balance the seven main chakras that are known for “regulating the flow of energy through one’s body” (adonim.com). As he grabs the soles of my feet, I immediately sense what seem to be little bolts of energy going from his thumbs to the bottom of my feet. Patience on the other end near my head, is holding her hands out with both eyes closed in a deep, trance like state. After about a minute, she opens her eyes and places her hand on my shoulder and states that she see’s a guide or healing entity that belongs specifically to me. She goes on to explain that she is receiving her guidance from my healing entity, and that this entity has been with me for a very long time.

After about three minutes of working on my feet, Richard moves to the left side of my body and begins to run energy through my legs. He shuts his eyes tight and begins to chant, “OOHMMM.” At this, Patience stops working on my head and shoulders and moves to the right side of my body near my legs as well. Both begin to chant and decide to hold hands over my body in order to better read my energy. When they are done chanting and begin to go into deep meditation again, I feel myself floating outside my own body. I become extremely light headed all of a sudden, and feel a lot of pressure around my chest and upper arms. I try multiple times but can’t bring myself to move my arms. Patience sees the look of concern on my face and asks if I am all right. When I tell her I feel weight on my chest, she explains that it is completely normal and that it just means that energy is working in that area because of my healing guide.

As the minutes go by, my eyes get heavier and heavier as a sense of deep relaxation takes over me. Suddenly, I am brought back to reality by the voice of Richard stating that my first and second chakras are really low in frequency. Richard and Patience then move towards my upper body and start to examine the other chakras. Once they reach my fourth chakra, the Heart chakra, Patience stops and says “Well, aren’t you just a little teddy bear full of love!” I didn’t really understand what she meant until she explained that my heart energy was one of the most powerful and pure energies she has ever encountered. She went on to clarify by stating, “You are a very open hearted, non judgmental person. You are a very loving and accepting person. You have a fantastic sense of humor, but you don’t make fun of others in a mean way. However, at the same time you enjoy a good joke. You don’t like it when people make fun of others, and you don’t like people who are non-accepting of others.”

Pretty much nailed that one on the head…

Before wrapping up the healing, Richard suggests fluffing my aura. One’s aura is thought to be “the energetic sphere that brings the energy from the Universe into, and out from, your chakras” (“Energy Healings”). Much like fluffing a pillow, fluffing one’s aura is “beneficial because it brings it fresh air, expands it, and provides space for it to breathe. Fluffing your aura can very easily increase ones vivacity” (“Energy Healings”). As I lay perfectly still on the hard massage table, Patience and Richard begin wildly moving their arms up and down, back and forth. They fluff my entire aura beginning from an inch away from my body, to about ten feet away from my body (because one’s aura extends a couple of feet outward). This unique rejuvenation of energy lasts about two minutes, and then they proceed to seal my aura and energy in order to keep the positive energy locked around me. Within a matter of seconds my aura is locked, and I have been rid of all my negative energy.

During my energy healing, Patience had some time to do a reading on me as well. She states that I have a guide with me at all times who has a fantastic sense of humor. My guide and I always hang out on an energetic level, and I have great energy (maybe its because I’m young, who knows). Patience and Richard also explain that from the reading and energy healing, they got a message explaining to them that this healing was made possible in order to make me perceive things better. Both healers felt darkness in my first and second chakra, which illustrates that I am low on creativity and my right for survival. However, my overwhelming fourth chakra (the Heart chakra) makes up for my lack of energy in the first and second chakra. After recognizing the imbalance between my chakras, Richard and Patience worked together to make sure my energy levels were synced and that I become centered again.

Once my energy healing is done I feel as though all the energy has been sucked out of me, yet at the same time I feel grounded and completely subdued to everything and everyone around me. Richard and Patience believe that my energy healing went extraordinary well do to the fact that I was open to it. One of the most important aspects of anything metaphysical is ones openness to accept it.

Patience Klein knew she had a special gift from an early age. When she was around the age of six or seven, she would always answer the door before people would knock on it, without any prior knowledge of a friend or family member coming over that day. She would also find herself doing strange things such as picking up the phone before it rang (although she did find it to be amusing because it always creeped people out). However, it wouldn’t be for another twenty-five years before Patience decided to do anything with her extraordinary intuition.

After graduating high school, Patience decided to take a year and a half off and travel California. She lived with various family members at this time, and decided to learn all she could by being exposed to new places. Once she returned home, she got her degree in EMT and became an EMT medic for a while. She then moved on from that job and decided to work at a bank. A couple of months later she quit that job because she was held up at gunpoint during a bank robbery. Shortly after that terrifying incident, Patience became an auditor for a medical brokerage firm, and then moved on to automotive auditing. She came out of those jobs working sixteen hours a day, six days a week. The amount of stress she was under affected every aspect of her life. She no longer had meaningful and healthy relationships, she was always tired, and she felt as though life was being sucked out of her. However, on December 27th, 2008, Patience finally decided to leave the corporate world in order to fulfill what she believes she was put on this earth to do, become a full time energy healer and psychic.

Shortly after quitting her corporate job, Patience began taking various classes at the Learning Light Foundation. As Patience explained to me, the Learning Light Foundation is a “health and holistic institute that has two primary functions. They have their daytime business, which is an adult disability developmental center for individuals who are severely handicapped or have mental retardation. In the evenings and on the weekends, they have health and holistic classes, everything from meditation classes, energy healing, tarot reading classes, etc.” Last year Patience was the President of the foundation and had the duties of coordinating meetings, gathering with nonprofit specialists, and other individuals who were interested in teaching at the foundation. In December however, she declined the nomination for a second term in order to invest more time on her own personal goals and aspirations. Patience began utilizing Tarot cards in 2003, and in 2009 she became a certified energy healer trained in the Barbara Brenna style of energy healing. Patience has gathered over a dozen clients who come in for energy healings and readings. As her website entails, the price for energy healings range anywhere from $75 to $100 dollars an hour, and Tarot readings for regular clients are about $45 dollars for thirty minutes.

Patience can conduct a Tarot reading over the phone, or in person. It all depends on the person’s openness, and how much they believe in the metaphysical realm. Usually during a one on one reading, Patience begins her tarot readings by first asking her clients what prompted the reading. From experience, she knows that many want to focus on one of three things, family, relationships, or specific people. However, Patience has a code of conduct when it comes to her readings, “People usually want to know ‘Oh, what is this person gonna do?!’ or ‘How does so and so feel?’ But I tell them that people are like books. Books have a cover, a book jacket, and then there’s opening up the book and looking. I think it is disrespectful to open the book and read when it is not your book. I will tell you what’s on the book jacket, I can even open the book a little and read the forward inside, but I’m not going to read what’s inside the book. It is an issue of privacy and respect.” There are 78 cards in a pack of tarot cards, and each card can mean a specific and different thing. The most important thing to realize is that tarot cards are a tool. As Patience explains, “It is like a monkey wrench, it can be as powerful or as useless as you want it to be. What has powers is the intention to ask the question, and discover the answer through intuition and tuning into that random channel in your head known as imagination and understanding what you are watching. Many people ask me to tell them about their future. I can tell you what’s ahead, but I cant tell you what’s in the future because everyone has free will. Everyone is born with an unlimited bank account of free will, we can never go bankrupt in that area. I can tell you what the cards say, but if you don’t like what you are seeing or hearing, you can change it.”

One of the most memorable and uncomfortable readings Patience ever did was at her friend’s house during a Halloween party. A woman came up to her and asked if her husband was cheating on her. As Patience took out her deck of cards and laid them out on the table, the cards immediately revealed that there were stress, dishonesty, and unpleasant, radical change in store for the couple. However, Patience didn’t exactly say what the cards revealed to the distressed woman, but instead emphasized that there was opportunity to immediately improve their relationship on many levels. Patience believes it is best to look at everything in a positive light instead of emphasizing the negatives, which was one of the reasons why she did not tell the woman her husband might be cheating. There is always room for improvement in any situation, and what is in the cards is never final. We ultimately have the choice to pick our destiny, and we have free will.

Patience also explains that psychics do not have to be in direct contact with someone in order to read their energy or cards, and because of this she is currently a member of an online psychic service known as Keen.com. It provides the names and phone number of thousands of psychics from all over the country, and anyone with Internet access can go online and request to talk to a psychic regarding their future. Patience does this about once or twice a week, and charges a fee of $1.25 a minute. Once she signs on into her account, a telephone icon appears next to her name to show that she is available to take calls. Usually within a couple of minutes, someone is directed to her cell phone and is asking about how to go about solving a certain problem they are having. The calls are usually in fifteen to thirty minute increments, and there is always a thirty second warning before the person’s time is up. Costumers pay by credit card, which is then directly transferred into Patience’s bank account.

On a late Thursday afternoon, Patience allows me to observe her at work during one of her electronic readings. She first gets her headphones, her cellphone, and her black mini Acer laptop and sits on her couch in the living room. With the laptop resting on an armrest, she puts her legs under her and sits in a meditation like-pose. Once she is officially logged into Keen, her phone rings about three minutes later. The woman on the other end of the line sounds distressed, and Patience asks her what has prompted the reading. Once she explains to Patience what is going on, Patience asks for a moment of silence so she can shuffle the Tarot cards electronically using another website that has the full deck of Tarot cards. In a calm and relaxing voice Patience begins to interpret what the cards entail, “I see snapping on the reigns when you are riding on a horse, which means you are going to go faster. Pulling on the reigns means you are going to slow down. From going where you are at, and where you want to go, the pulling on the reigns right now is action, productivity, great mental process, inspiration, it is a lot of activity all at once. In a work situation, it really translates to don’t look before you leap. Snapping on the reign’s talks about justice and the principle of fairness, so that is really where you want to focus your attention. You don’t need to overanalyze everything, it is helpful to step back and say what looks fair and what doesn’t.” Patience goes on to explain to her client that she has to be more open to new experiences and surround herself with positive, rather than negative energy.

After a couple of minutes, Patience’s client wants to ask another question. With a simple click of a button, a whole new set of cards appears on the screen. Patience begins analyzing them and explaining to her client that the cards are a good sign of what is to come next, and to be there for her friends and family. Unfortunately, midway through her reading, Patience and her client get cut off because her client did not pay for the full fifteen minutes this time, but rather paid only for ten minutes. Patience describes that it can be difficult to give a full depth reading over the phone sometimes because they are under a time constraint. Out of courtesy, Patience waits a couple of minutes after they have gotten disconnected just in case her client calls back with more minutes to finish her reading. After a little over five minutes she signs off, takes off her headphones, and tells me she’s done with her electronic readings for the day.

Aside from her extraordinary abilities to read people, with or without tarot cards, Patience also has constant outpouring of images and movie like-scenes that play out in her head known as, “Vision Work.” Vision Work is perceived as either being “alternate dimensions, alternate realities, or past lives.” Patience recently had a Vision Work that lasted about three and a half months. The images playing out in her head were about a Caucasian male prisoner who was being held captive on a Chinese aircraft for political reasons. The movie in her head was literally so vivid and powerful that she had no choice but to sit home for most of the day, close her eyes, and watch the scenes play out in her head. When Patience chooses to ignore her visions, they became much more vivid and obnoxious. She compares it to a bad song that can be stuck in someone’s head for days on end. The only way to stop these visions is by coming up with an effective way to solve the main character’s dilemma. Since the main character was a political prisoner in Patience’s vision, she had to come up with various techniques in order to help him escape. One way Patience envisioned him escaping was by hanging on to a rope on the side of the aircraft until they reached solid ground… but that never worked. The movie eventually came to an end when the prisoner killed the men holding him captive. Patience believes she has these visions in order to solve her own problems that she might have had in her past life.

Energy healing is another opportunity for Patience to use her intuitive and extra-sensory powers. Energy healers believe that around certain emotional issues, energies can get stuck in particular parts of the body. It is up to the healer to find the negative energy and remove it so one can move on and deal with their emotions the best way possible. Richard Hamilton is a good friend of Patience’s who has been trained in the same healing and reading techniques. Energy healings have had a wonderful impact on Richard’s life. Richard has been overweight and a lazy couch potato since childhood. He was never motivated to be productive, and was painfully shy before coming to the Learning Light Foundation. His current teacher and mentor, Deborah, has been working around the area of Richard’s stomach for a while now. He feels as though there is a lot of trapped negative energy there, stemming all the way back to childhood trauma and feelings of rejection caused from being overweight all his life. The healer’s job is to move that negative energy out and provide a system where Richard can move on and grow. He has recently lost about thirty-five pounds, has become more social than he has ever been, and finally has the will and motivation to be healthy and happy. He credits everything to the healings, and states that his life has completely changed since he has become one with his body and energy.

Patience usually gets an energy healing herself from Richard in order to balance her energy from all the stress that comes along with being a board member at the Learning Light Foundation. She allows me to observe her getting a healing by Richard known as Spine Clearing. Spine Clearing is a basic healing technique, which consists of running energy on each individual vertebra in the spine in order to balance and remove any lingering negative energy. It lasts about twenty minutes and occurs in seven steps in order to properly facilitate the seven main chakras.

The room smells of Saffron incents as Patience moves towards the massage table. With one small grunt, she pushes herself up and lies on her back. Richard pulls up a chair and sits at the end of the mediation table near Patience’s feet. He proceeds to grab both her feet, and slowly closes his eyes. He begins to apply light pressure with his thumbs onto the bottom of her feet, and lowers his head in deep concentration. Within moments, Patience seems to be in a deep and altered state. Her eyes are closed, and she begins to take deeper and deeper breathes. Both Richard and Patience go into such a deep mediation that neither of them moves an inch for nearly five minutes.

Suddenly, Richard’s head springs up and he begins to tremble and bellow chants. He abruptly gets up from his chair and starts moving towards Patience as she is still in her deep meditated state. Richard stops once he reaches her stomach, and looks down in a deep, almost angry gaze. He lifts up both arms and begins to fiercely move his hands over her entire body for about a minute. His hands gradually close in around the area of her stomach, and again Richard closes his eyes and lowers his head. With his hands still over her stomach, he immediately begins to chant “OOOOYYMMMMM.” Richard then takes a deep breath and relaxes his hands, and puts them by his side for a moment. He continues to stare intensely at Patience’s stomach for a couple of seconds, and then decides to raise his arms again. He goes on to do a furious and angry yanking motion on top of her stomach, as though he is trying to pull dead weeds from the soil itself. As the seconds go by, Richard’s tugging motion becomes quicker and quicker and his face becomes the color of a ripe tomato with perspire lightly settling on his red forehead. Finally, after about two minutes, he slows down and goes back to the traditional hand movements on top of her body. He moves towards her throat and states in a calm voice, “I feel a lot of heat coming from here.” Unsure if Patience heard or even realized because of her relaxed state, Richard goes on with the healing. After he is done removing the negative energy from her neck and throat, he gently taps her awake and asks her to flip over onto her stomach. After another ten minutes of trembling, moving ferociously along her body, and chanting various words, the cleansing is finally over.

After Patience’s energy healing, Richard explains that he was feeling her energy on a metal and physical level, which explains why he was trembling and sweating so profusely. He could imagine all the trouble she was going through, especially when he got to her throat and stated that there was a lot of heat coming off from that location. Patience confirms that she feels as though her voice is not being heard at certain Board meetings with the Learning Light Foundation, which explains why she is so tense around that area. It takes Patience a couple of minutes to get up and regroup after her energy healing. She expresses feelings of being grounded, and relaxed. Patience also explains how it is as if someone turned down the volume in her brain that was always questioning and worrying about every little thing. She feels at peace, and feels like she can take on anything the world tosses her way.

In addition to being an amazing psychic and energy healer who has helped many take the right path to happiness, Patience is a loving wife, sister, and daughter. She has been happily married to her husband, Steve Klein, for about eight years now. Both live in a very stylish apartment complex a couple of miles from the University of California, Irvine campus. Being married to someone with such extraordinary abilities can be intimidating to a few, but not for Steve. Although he admits it is definitely unusual to be married to a psychic, he insists that he encourages what she is doing. He appreciates how she is growing up and becoming more mature throughout the entire process. Steve also goes on to admit that he feels as though his wife can see other people’s points of views much better now because of the amount of meditation and reflection she has done in the past couple of years. He insists that he does not get tarot readings from his wife, because she can just read his energy and know how he is feeling. When Patience has some free time on her hands, she loves to go on Farmville. According to her, she has one of the most incredible farms out there. She also just learned to play the harp and plays a beautiful ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ and she’s got ‘Joy, Joy, Joy’ down to a key. Just like any normal adult, Patience loves spending time with her family and friends and taking them to many healing seminars. She also enjoys going to national rock healing competitions, which take place every year in Arizona. She spends much of her time reading books regarding anything from “The Magic of Food” to the “Herbal Cures for Home Remedies.” Through her entire experience with the metaphysical world, the most important thing Patience has learned is to be positive and live life to the fullest everyday. She believes everyone is put on this Earth for a reason, and it is our job to find out what it is and pursue it with all our being.

Reporting Notes:

2 Hour interview with Patience Klein

1 Hour interview with Richard Hamilton

30-Minute Interview with Steve Klein

3 Hours of observational reporting with Patience Klein

1 Hour of observational reporting with Richard Hamilton

- www.adonim.com

- www.amagicalworld.com

- www.patiencedivination.com

- Patience Klein's facebook

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